It starts with looking inwards

Men and the Inner Void

Max Latimer
2 min readOct 30, 2020


You have a job which pays you the money you thought you wanted.

You have the beautiful partner you spent weeks, months or years building a close, connected and loving relationship you always wanted.

You have the perfect house in the suburb with all the gadgets and “things” you’ve always wanted.

You have healthy children who are smart and outgoing.

You have a close group of mates who have been there since the start.

You are healthy and fit.

Everything you’ve created is what you thought you wanted… what you thought would make you happy.

You’ve put in the work, you’ve paid your dues, you’ve sweated out, you’ve had the sleepless nights — you’ve done everything you thought you supposed to do.


It’s not enough.

It doesn’t feel like they said it would.

There’s a void.

A gap.

A piece missing.

Slowly — you start to withdraw.

At first, it’s only little things like missing the gym once or twice a week.

Maybe a beer or 2 after work with a few mates at the office.

As the weeks and months go by, the void you can’t fill gets deeper.

You stop communicating with your partner, with your kids.

The housework seems a little harder to get too.

The money and the house and all of the “things” you’ve acquired aren’t quite cutting it for you anymore.

Soon — 1 or 2 beers turns into 3 and 4… Turns into every other night.

And that void, the void which was just an itch starts to become a mood you now carry with you.

That mood is now 5kg heavy than you used to be… a little bit more irritable than you used to be.

Now, when your partner questions “what’s going on?” you snap or bury the conversation quickly. You push back and away — you mask your true feelings.

And the void gets a little deeper — a little more lonely.

THIS — was my story (minus the children… coming soon).

I was one of the lucky ones.

I didn’t know about depression or anxiety or addiction.

I just knew something wasn’t right.

It took me 10 years to figure it out and another 8 years to build a life that not only filled the void but one that fulfilled me and enriched the lives of everyone I came into contact with.

THE #1 thing I would do differently which I’ve discovered in the 8 years since making the call to change my outcome:

Find a group of people who are after the same thing you are and leverage their knowledge.

Ready to take a stand to fill the void and create a life you truly want?

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Max Latimer

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