Can’t get to the top without taking the first step

You get to choose your level of challenge.

Max Latimer


— — —

Wake up at 7:30am and rush to a job you hate still trying to finish off that burnt piece of toast…?


Wake up at 5am and punch through a 45min workout which pushes you past your edge?

— — —

Come home to screaming kids, your partner who’s spread thin and needs your help, a house you need to maintain but you can never find the time to get any jobs done…?


Sit down and map out your vision for the future with your partner. Give critical thought to what you want for your life, your relationships, your kids, your home, your future.

— — —

Look in the mirror each morning unhappy with what you see… telling yourself that tomorrows the day you’ll eat a whole lettuce and run trillion miles only to wake up the day after and be in the exact same spot.


Set your alarm for 30 minutes earlier and get your arse out the door for a 30min walk. Come home and drink a litre of water and have a smoothie.

— — —

Regardless of what you pick — the challenge will be there.

The weights in the gym don’t get lighter — you get stronger.

You weren’t a “night person” when you were a kid — you built that habit over time and now you think it’s a belief that can’t be changed.

Your wife doesn’t always nag you — she only started to push you when you stopped providing certainty [And I’m NOT talking about Money.]

Where did my kids learn that? — Take an honest look at your own actions, how you speak, your language, your body language, your energy in the morning and in the evening, take a look at what you ask them to do and then ask yourself — am I setting the example? You know where they got it from.

Your world becomes what you tolerate.

What you need to work on ISN’T losing weight.

What you need to work on is changing the thing you tolerate.

Want to lose weight?

Stop tolerating processed food in your house.

Stop tolerating soft drinks, alcohol and treats.

Stop tolerating making promises to yourself and not following through.

Stop tolerating hitting the snooze button.

Stop tolerating late nights and watching the news.

Stop tolerating self-talk that you aren’t the person who could actually stick to that plan.

START believing in yourself.

START surrounding yourself with people who ARE gettin’ after it.

START educating yourself on things that interest you.

START by eating one less pie per week.

START by going for one more walk per week

Brother — START!

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Max Latimer

From lost, lonely and blaming the world to discovering the very thing that drives me every day - The power to create your world the way you want it!